Born in Hertfordshire in 1963, Rob now works between his studio near Rye in East Sussex and his cottage in St Ives, Cornwall. The sea and surrounding countryside has always been a great inspiration for his art, whether they are expressed through an abstract, semi-abstract or representational approach.

Rob studied Graphic Design at Amersham College of Art during the late 1970s and early 80s. Working in many different mediums, he focused on photography, film and graphic animation as the means of creating his strong visual style.

He established himself as one of the leading strategic and creative designers in the Global Televisual branding environment. The knowledge and experience gained over two decades in the industry, enabled him to travel to many parts of the world, where he inspired and lectured on brand design and development to many creative teams, multi-media agencies and State TV Broadcasters.

Rob instinctively strides around creative and expressive mark making, using brush, palette knife and sometimes just his fingers to manipulate the paint. He is then able to confidently move between capturing the atmospherics of a stormy sea scene or city streets, and the playful balance of facial and figurative compositions to the visualisation of conceptual ideas through simple colour and graphic forms.

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